First Day of School

Bittersweet. I had the best summer of my life. I think the kiddos did too. Leaving my job at the end of July left August wide open… until I landed another one. But the flexibility of part time allowed me the best of both worlds – intellectual stimulation mixed with a complete joy of life: kids, husband, beach, mountains, friends. And yet one more day of this “joy” would have likely been too much. It’s September 8th, after all. 99% of the country has been in school already for weeks!

2nd and 4th grades. Not terribly “big” years, although we’re told if Frank does poorly in 4th grade, public middle school will be a bitch to get into and then what could the future possibly hold?! But if I think like a normal human being rather than a New York City mom, these really aren’t terribly big years. And yet the lump in my throat developed, as it always does, mostly looking at the little 4- and 5-year old terrified faces as they scan the 1,500 other children pouring into the school simultaneously: PS321 is not for the thin-skinned.

Here are my two thick-skinned creatures in their first-day finest (okay, Maggie is in her first day finest), actually looking excited for the day ahead, despite their insistence that school is the most terrible thing in the world (okay, only Frank said that.)




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