The Emotive Power of Dog Poop


More precisely, stepped-in dog poop. It’s more emotive than probably 90% of advertising currently in market. I saw this lovely gift on the sidewalk today on the way to school with my kids. I can’t stop thinking about it, so I decided to write about it.

Fear: “Watch out! Don’t step in that.”
Anger: “Christ, is it so hard to pick up after your dog?”
Relief: “So glad it wasn’t we who stepped in that.”
Wonder: “Did the person who stepped in that realize right away?”
Dread: “Maybe it was a kid, and he’s just tracked poop all over school and my kid stepped in the tracked stuff.”
Empathy: “Maybe it was an adult, and she was late to a really important meeting because of it.”
Curiosity: “How did they clean that dog poop off their shoe? The one time it happened to me I went to our building garden hose, but it’s not like there are a ton of those lying around in Brooklyn.”
Sympathy: “I kind of feel bad for the dog owner. I mean, no one just leaves poop on a sidewalk on purpose, right? The dog must have gone twice, and they weren’t prepared with a bag the second time. How embarrassing.”
Concern: “The dog pooped a second time. Maybe she’s sick? I hope she’s okay.”
Disgust: “I can’t get that smell that this visual has produced out of my nose. It might stay with me forever.”

Can you imagine the effectiveness of an ad that made you think this hard? Stepped-in dog poop: proof there’s something to learn from everything.


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