I am a creative marketer, with over 20 years under my belt. I spent most of my career at ad agencies, but jumped client side in 2014. I led the branding, advertising, social media and creative services teams at E*TRADE for over two years. Following that assignment, I was hired to help build out a consumer marketing team and strategy for WordPress.com, which re-energized my interest in blogging. I joined OppenheimerFunds in 2017 to lead their branding, creative, media, design and production services divisions.

Beyond work, I’m a health enthusiast, so you might see a few health-related posts from time to time. I received my Health Coaching degree in 2013, and have coached multiple clients, one-on-one and via group cleanses, as well as led workshops.

And then, I’m a mom. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, Peter, my 12-year-old, Frank, and my 10-year-old, Maggie. The kids’ lives provide an endless source of post material that may or may not be of interest to anyone except me, but feel free to fake it with any commentary about how lovely they are.


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