Five Pieces of Advice for Anyone Contemplating Blogging

1. Anyone can blog; you don’t have to be a “writer.”

2. Start by writing for yourself first. Whatever it is, is bound to be interesting to (at least some) other people; you can refine your audience later if blogging becomes something you want to pursue more seriously down the line.

3. Actively open your mind to potential topics and have a common spot (I use SimpleNote) to write down any thought-starters that pop into your mind, whenever they happen to do so. Return to them later and decide if they’re worth exploring further.

4. Don’t be afraid to hit publish. Whatever you have written is likely a lot better than you give yourself credit for.

5. Make every headline about a list of things and someone is bound to click on it. Ok, kind of kidding. BUT, the only reason I wrote this post is because I realized the last three pieces of content I’d clicked on carried “x things to do about y” headlines. Then I went backwards and made numbers 1-4 up. You can make stuff up too. Try it!


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