My Future Laureates

Sadder than I about my imminent job loss, are my children. They adore OppenheimerFunds – the office, the snacks, my colleagues. I couldn’t agree more. And so, on the greyest and coldest of all May 14ths since 1974 (it’s my birthday, so I know!), I yanked them out of school and brought them to the office. It’s a bit of a ghost town these days, both those moving to the new company and those looking forward to a Summer of Severance taking advantage of quieter times to do whatever it is they feel like doing. But I wasn’t about to let the kiddos lounge all day. Instead, I gave them a long list of OppenheimerFunds-related questions and assignments, which required them to talk to people and roam around the office for insights and answers. When was the company founded? Name a brand of yogurt we don’t carry in the cafeteria. Spell my boss’ name correctly. Etc. One of them was to write a poem about the place I’ve called my (work) home for the past 20 months. They wrote these while looking out the window toward the Oculus, which might explain the bird suggestions. As for the lobster reference in Frank’s poem, my beloved firm served lobster rolls to all of us today. (He’s also obsessed with portrait mode on my new phone.)

Piece of artwork
Fun and delicious
You can
See the
View of
The city
Like a
Bird can see you

– Maggie Kain (9)

I stared through the thick trees
Eyeing the ground you know
It’s my prey
The only sound was the air
Whistling through me
I spot the white beak
Calm but dangerous
Ready to pounce on me
I turned to my photo
In porto modo
And I was just glad to be here
Skipping school
And eating some lobster

– Frank Kain (11)


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